A young person gesturing towards the stage while enjoying a band perform.


Performances are open for all ECC students, faculty, family, and community members to enjoy! Check out our Facebook page and join the mailing list. Don't miss your opportunity to see these performances!

Centerstage / Club

Professional artists and ensembles from around the world.

Academic Music Ensembles

Enjoy the wonderful sounds of these budding artists. Our students will perform their end-of-semester performances live on stage.


Support emerging actors in ECC’s Fall and Spring theatrical performances.

Musical Theatre

Experience ECC’s live musical and theatrical performances. ECC Musicals are held in the Spring and Summer semesters.

In-Residence Ensembles

Local community organizations that partner with the college to provide outstanding performance opportunities for students of all ages.

Culinary Events

ECC’s award-winning Culinary Program partners with the Arts Center to make it a night out for patrons by offering dinners before some of the shows.

American Grands

Billed as "the piano event of the year," American Grands features hundreds of performers from all talent levels and age groups.

Community Events

ECC Arts Center community events.